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Black Mane Limited, Inc steel framing system is the most advance building product that Africa will ever see.  We are able to build schools and homes in a fraction of the time it takes now using traditional African building material. The light gauge steel framing system makes it easy to build because all the frames come pre-cut and pre-engineered ensuring only one way to put them together. Training the local personal to erect the frames takes only a few days which allows our projects to provide local employment. The light weight of the steel frames allows it to be carried to remote locations without heavy equipment, and the self tapping screws secures the frames together with a rechargeable drill. Our steel frames are also designed to withstand the elements. If it is winds, heat, termites, or earthquakes, the light gauge steel frames are designed to take it. No other building materials can match up to our framing systems and no other will last as long as our light gauge steel frames. 

Black Mane Limited, Inc. is the leading developer of schools throughout the SADC region. Starting with the completion of our schools the citizens of SADC will be given a foundation in which they can build a promising and educated future. 

Black Mane Limited, Inc has built hundreds of homes and schools throughout all of SADC. By using a unique state of the art light gauge steel framing system, Black Mane Limited, Inc. is able to complete a building project in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional African building materials. Our experienced team of residential professionals will offers superior advice to help  complete any project no matter how big or remote the location may be. Black Mane Limited, Inc.  believes that if you give a person a chance to have a home of their own, you give them a chance to live the most richest life the world has to offer.

Light Gauge Steel Frames


THE LEADING DEVELOPER of homes and classrooms for THE SADC REGION 

Black Mane Limited, Inc. mission is to provide the people of the SADC region with the much needed homes and schools that are required to live a more educated and fuller life.

Black Mane Limited, Inc. will achieve this mission by working with many U.S. suppliers, the governments of SADC and by using the contacts Black Mane Limited, Inc. has made with financial institution like The World Bank, ExIm Bank, Southern Africa Development Bank, and the PTA Bank. Working together with the people of SADC, Black Mane Limited, Inc. will make major strides towards solving the growing demand of homes and schools throughout the SADC region.   

Black Mane Limited, LLC is now currently partnered with Kagera Sugar Plantation building homes and schools