The need for schools and homes in the SADC region has never been bigger and the demand continues to grow at an alarming rate. Black Mane Limited, Inc has built hundreds of schools and homes in Botswana, Mozambique, Angola, and Madagascar. Black Mane Limited, Inc light gauge steel framing system has proven over and over that there is no better building product to help solve the housing and school epidemic in all of Africa.  Due to the fact that our frames are pre-cut, pre-engineered, erected in a matter of hours (not days), allows communities to be built quickly, efficiently and economically.  Black Mane Limited, Inc has developed a superior light gauge steel framing system that will not only change the way building projects are done in Africa, but Black Mane Limited, Inc will also help solve the housing and school problem that the SADC region has to quickly address before it affects yet another generation.

Our Services

The primary product that Black Mane Limited, Inc provides is a unique light gauge steel framing system. Over the years Black Mane Limited, Inc has developed a framing system that is pre-cut, pre-engineered, stronger, lighter, termite and wind proof, and cooler than wood and bricks. This steel framing is very unique and took many years to perfect.  So while there may be other builders in the same market, no one will be using the light gauge steel framing system that Black Mane Limited, Inc has. Black Mane Limited, Inc. light gauge steel frames are stronger and lighter than wood and will not rust or rot. Because it takes less material to build a home or school using our light gauge steel framing system, the cost per 2 meter is much less. 

Black Mane Limited, Inc has a full team of designers and engineers who are experience with all building projects in the SADC region. If you are planning a single family home or a development of hundreds, our engineers and designers will handle it all. We offer a complete turnkey package for all of our projects, no matter the size or building location.